Saiful Islam : Saidul Islam (ART SHAID) An young artist and interior designer from Cox’s bazar, Bangladesh has raised his voice against the brutality of Israel with an unique and artistic way. In protestation of Israel’s inhuman massacre on Palestinians, Saidul wrote ‘I love Palestine’ with sand on Cox’s Bazar sea beach. So many people out there gathered to see and help him. Recently, his sand art has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. This praiseworthy initiative took the eyes of the town towards the artist, Saidul Islam. 

“I was scrolling news feed on Facebook, all on a sudden my eyes were catched by a picture where a little kid got injured rentlessly. Full of his body was wet, with blood. That traumatized me, knocked my heart and that felt me to relate the incident with my family. What if my family has to face the scenario?” said Saidul.

Saidul furthers “I’m talking about only one, there are thousands of innocent civilians are being victim of Israel’s outrage, tyranny and oppression. From my place, I am standing with Palestinian, in support of that I’ve made this  sand art in the world’s largest sea beach Cox’s Bazar. I really don’t want a single human Being to be suffered from any kind of unfairness, brutality, genocide; no matter how old or which nationality they are.”